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Accueil de chercheurs sur les projets soutenus

La fondation propose l'accueil de chercheurs et scientifiques de haut niveau, internationalement reconnus pour des séjours de quelques mois ou plus, ainsi que des post-doctorants pour de plus longs séjours...

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Bourse Amelia Earhart

La fondation STAE est partenaire dans l'attribution des bourses "Zonta Amelia Earhart Fellowship"

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Conférence TORRENTS
Le 21 mai 2014, A la une.
Le chantier d'animation TORRENTS, soutenu par la Fondation STAE, organise une conférence le

lundi 26 mai 2014, de 10H à 11H
à l'IRIT, salle des thèses
118 route de Narbonne, Toulouse

The PROXIMA project
by Marco Ziccardi, Univ. of Padova

The modern technological progress causes software complexity to grow and along with this complexity growth even processing demand is increasing. Several hardware features of modern architectures for increased performance challenge analyzability. In particular, the use of execution history to boost average-case performance by speculating on the future makes analysis difficult. In order to provide tight WCETs, analysis techniques need to acquire information on the execution history. Acquiring execution history information might be hard with modern architectures and programs. Moreover, on multi and many-processor architectures, programs executing on different cores may affect the execution time of any other program. This interference may be hard to analyze and may require overly pessimistic assumptions to be made. The PROXIMA project aims to avoid the costs of collecting detailed design information as well as execution history information by randomizing the behaviour of resources in the systems. The idea is that randomizing hardware resources may simplify analysis while still having the benefits of performance enhancing features. The PROXIMA project also aims to develop a time-composable system software layer that, by avoiding jittery behaviours, does not introduce variability in the execution time of programs.

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